Neon Techniques:
Handbook of Neon Sign and Cold-Cathode Lighting

4th edition
by Wayne Strattman (editor)

The neon industry's "bible."   
Fundamentals of fabrication,
specialty neon, lighting displays. - Savage

This is the newest edition of the best-selling comprehensive guide to neon sign and cold cathode lighting. Recently updated by Wayne Strattman, the "Neon Techniques" columnist for Signs of the Times, this book explains step-by-step the how-to of luminous tube design, manufacture and installation for signs, graphics, and other applications. The guide covers the newest materials and equipment available, designing the sign, glass bending, pumping systems, bombarding, filling, testing and aging, flashers and time switches, installation, maintenance, and much more. All photos, charts and graphs have been updated to reflect current technological advances in the industry. A must for every neon shop.

Softcover 18 x 25cm - 300 pages

Excerpt from book

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